Leaving nothing unexplored

Babble #1

Welcome to thebabblingbunny!  I’m Rachel.  While I’m a human, not a rabbit, I tend to babble.  Still interested?  Sweet!

After a year of perusing mostly healthy living blogs, I’ve decided to start my own, with one slight change: It’s not a healthy living blog.

Let me back up a bit.

I graduated from college in May 2009.  I had followed the pre-med track for three years, taking science and medical humanities classes, showing my responsibility as an RA, shadowing physicians, joining a local rescue squad, volunteering and then working in busy ERs… I was focused and driven, studying hard and partying little.  I then decided halfway through the application process my senior year that I didn’t want to be a doctor.  What’s a pre-med student to do if she doesn’t go to medical school?

With no driving direction, my life rapidly spun out of control. I endured a nasty break-up with my fiance (and we had lived together for a year and a half) just weeks before graduating.  I had no place to live in my current city, no life plan, and I didn’t want to return to my hometown.  My physical and mental health plummeted.  I felt lost and confused, and very, very alone.  More than one night (and day) was spent in tears.

Exhausted from working way too hard for four years, I moved in with a few close friends.  I began a job search, and with the help of another friend, landed a position in a pharmaceutical development lab.  Soon, I moved into my own apartment.

And there I have remained for nearly a year and a half.  Getting by, day to day, but not sure where I’m headed, and constantly bored.  I don’t think this blog is going to show me my new life path, but it’ll help me remember my explorations.  There is so much out there to discover… my rabbit still finds new things in my one-bedroom apartment after 15 months here.  I’ve got a much bigger world to explore, so why am I so bored?

So what do I have to offer you, the brave reader who stumbled upon this fresh-faced blog?  Just myself and my babbles on my life.  I have so many interests: EMS, photography, science, travel, music, and nutrition and exercise (yes, there will be a bit of “healthy living” going on here), to name just a few, so hopefully there will be something to keep you coming back.

And lots of cute bunny pictures.

Toffee. Know her. Love her. Spoil her rotten.


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