Leaving nothing unexplored


One thing you’ll learn about me quickly is that I am both as stubborn as a mule, and indecisive as… well, something that doesn’t make decisions easily.  I take a looooong time to decide on something.  It took me two months to find an apartment that I liked in my price range in the right part of the county.  It took me 6 months to decide on which car to buy several years ago.  I may debate about purchasing a particular item of clothing for weeks before buying it.

That’s not to say that I can’t make a decision quickly when needed.  I’ve ridden EMS for nearly four and a half years now, and have worked in other areas of healthcare since I was 15.  If you could hear the inner monologue I have when I’m trying to decide how to treat a critical patient, well, for one thing, it’d probably scare you.  BUT I try to squish my typical long-winded decision-making process into analyzing as many possible outcomes as I can in less than a minute.

Car to the left. Driver (aka the patient) to the right.

(by the way – all those spots? Pollen. My head aches just looking at it)

So why am I telling you this and scaring you away from ever calling an ambulance?

It will probably take me a while to iron out the kinks and find the focus for this blog.  I want to use it as motivation for me to get un-bored, to explore life, and to have a place to record it.  But at the same time, I want to use it an a creative outlet for photography and writing and cooking (yes, there’s still going to be some healthy-living-ish-ness going on).  And I want to see what this blogging community is all about.

And while I’m figuring all this out, I apologize… there probably won’t be much regularity to my posting.  I work 4o hours a week, often more, spend anywhere from 12-30+ hours a week at the squad, spend a good 2 hours working out every day… and then there’s that silly sleeping thing.

But there will always be cute bunny pictures… though mostly old ones for now.

Too much cuteness to fit into the picture!

Off to clean up a bit… my mother’s coming to visit.


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