Leaving nothing unexplored


Name: Rachel

Age: 23

Location: Virginia

Jobs: Pharmaceutical development scientist (paycheck job), paramedic (passion, aka paycheck-less)

Pets: Toffee, the cutest 3lb ball of fur, ears, and whiskers you’ve ever seen

Likes: EMS, photography, science, health and medicine (it’s one field, trust me!), music (waaaay too many years as a competitive musician), cooking, working out (particularly biking, rock climbing, and kickboxing, but trying to be a runner), traveling, fruity drinks, sundresses and flip-flops, sweaters and scarves, sleeping

Dislikes: rude patients, stinky bunny cages, spilling stuff at work, immaturity, disrespectful people, cockiness, dropping my phone, chocolate cake, sleep deprivation (apparently averaging 4-5 hours a night is… bad?)


Anything else, just ask. 🙂


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